Why We’re Here

WE “get” creatives.

We know that you want to get paid to be creative, and that you want to be in demand by the best clients.

We respect the creative process and know how hard it is to also produce and deliver upon your creative inspiration. We push our clients to succeed and celebrate in their successes.

WE are business managers.

We are experienced in creative small business management and marketing. We work to help creatives build healthy and successful independent, creative ventures. Our goal is to help you get focused, organized, and paid what you’re worth.

We are not agents or reps. We do not solicit or work on commission. We help you elicit curiosity and generate demand for your creative work by making one good business decision at a time.

WE are instigators.

We relentlessly pursue creative work, both as fans and participants. Our idea of a good time is to take in a creative exhibition or show, just as much as it is to grab a paint brush or a camera.

We rally and support all kinds of creative people, and for the past three years we have hosted our own ideation conference (CREATIVEMIX) with the goal of providing an inspirational place for creative people to connect.

WE are busy.

Our past and present client list includes:

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