Taendem Means Two

Taendem Means Two

I’m not alone. From day one, my business venture has been a collaboration. My personal projects and paid gigs have been the result of being connected to an amazing network. The community in which I live and work is made up of supportive friends, family, clients, and acquaintances; but one person has always been there, step for step, and now she is more than a life partner – she is a full-fledged business partner.

Eileen Rothe is now a major stakeholder in the business and we are working side-by-side (literally, as our desks are facing the same way). We’ve worked together many times before, for either the same employers (like Asentus Consulting Group Ltd.) or on shared projects (like CREATIVEMIX). We work extremely well together and this boutique company of ours is the result of years spent dreaming, scheming, and working hard to create a company we’re proud of.

Growing a small business is not easy. The toughest part is replicating yourself – having someone involved at the same level so work can happen seamlessly with both clients and vendors; someone who can take charge, drive the business forward, and actually create value beyond loyalty and service. Management best practices tell us to always “hire up” and, well, I couldn’t be more convinced that this is exactly what’s happened by finally wooing Eileen away from her “real” job.

Artistic sensibilities are not easily defined or understood, and they’re certainly not stereotypical. Eileen’s entrepreneurial spirit is only trumped by her artistic one. Her background as an accomplished singer/songwriter, combined with her professional history in public health, proposal writing, and project management, means that I’ve successfully grabbed a star and you can’t put a price on that.

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