On-Call Management

Following a successful interview and business assessment, Taendem may extend a management offer, which is initially limited in scope but has the capacity to expand based on the required work effort.

It’s like having a manager on call.

Creative business owners pay a nominal monthly fee to retain access to our services and have at their disposal the professional advice and support they need when they need it. We’re available to 24/7 and will only work upon client request. Clients may leverage us when speaking to clients, prospects, collaborators, or vendors.

Haven’t you always wanted to say:

“That sounds really interesting! I’ll have my manager give you a call.”

“I’m not sure about that. I’ll have to discuss that with my manager first.”

“I’m not sure how much it will cost. My manager handles the money stuff.”

The structure is simple. On a monthly basis we dedicate two (2) hours of our time to your business. Hour #1 is set aside for responding to your emails/phone calls with advice/counsel and handling the prospect/client queries (that you send us). In other words, we’re in your back pocket. Hour #2 is a regularly scheduled Skype or phone call to discuss, scheme, and update your business/marketing plan.

Work outside of those two (2) hours is billable (on a project costing basis) – we quote the work effort, and upon your approval we get it done. It’s an a-la-carte system but it formalizes our working arrangement with the convenience of you only paying more when we actually do the work you want us to do.

A standard management contract is 12 months and is renewable upon review.

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