Living the Dream - David Vandas


I’ve recently authored my first print book. It’s a business management and marketing book for creative people and it’s called Living the Dream: Putting your creativity to work [and getting paid].

The book is published by Pearson Education Inc. / Peachpit Press and it’s available through online retailers like: Amazon,
Barnes & Noble
, Chapters, Peachpit, and Waterstones. It’s also available in your local bookstore; if not, ask for it.

“This book is a terrific eye opener for any creative dreaming of starting, or struggling with, their own enterprise. This is the stuff I wish I’d known when I started my own design firm.”

- Patrick Coyne, Editor/Designer of Communication Arts

“Living the Dream is a dead-serious business book, but reads like a lively, warm conversation with a wise, engaging mentor.”

- Sam Harrison, Author of IdeaSpotting, IdeaSelling and Zing!

Living the Dream is a business book for creative people. It provides the insights and action steps they need to confidently put their skills and passions to work and to make the best business decisions possible, all in service of the ultimate goal – to make a living doing what they love.

This inter-disciplinary guidebook is for emerging creative small business owners. It delivers management/marketing ideas and principles that can make independent creative work less stressful and financially rewarding. Living the Dream gives creative people the real goods on proven business-building strategies without all the mumbo jumbo. This book is focused on how to be successful as a creative freelancer or small business owner. Featured throughout are artists, weekend warriors, creative professionals, and subject matter experts who give real-life examples and insights that will help creatives ask the right questions and make the right decisions. It’s all about being creative and getting paid.

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