Vancouver, Gastown

It’s Business Time

One year ago, on a sunny, cool Thursday in the Gastown district (Vancouver), I spent eight hours on a personal business planning “retreat” where I began the process of re-visioning and re-branding my company.

As I bounced from cafe to café, I muttered to myself as I walked, at each destination filling page upon page in my Moleskine notebook. I wasn’t looking for a big idea, just clarity. The result was the framework for what is now a new company: Taendem Agency.

Up until that point, my sole proprietorship (previously called Red Wagon Management) had taken on a laundry list of business endeavours (event production, marketing of all sorts, project planning, and of course, management to creatives). Since 2006, my business experiences have given me a feel for all kinds of freelance and consulting work, but it was the time spent with creative people that felt the most natural and rewarding. Last year I knew 100% that I was spoiled for it; helping creative people pursue their dreams and grow their business was my life’s calling. Improving the lives of photographers, designers, artists, and creative instigators by removing the mystery associated with managing a successful small business and helping them elicit curiosity and generate demand among their target markets; that’s my business.

I was almost there but some changes were still required (which mostly meant saying “no” to certain things). I needed to create a more formal structure, establish a brand that fit with my vision, and plan a path for the future.

At present, November 2012, Taendem is not just alive and kicking but it is off to a great start. I couldn’t be happier with how this has all turned out and I’m honoured to have the trust of inspired creative entrepreneurs, clients, customers, fans, and followers alike.

Taendem is the sidekick an inspired business owner needs so they can focus on what they do best: being creative – we’ll take care of the rest.

I keep telling myself to get ready for the ride of lifetime but it’s already a blur. I am living the dream. Are you?

© 2015 Taendem Agency