Eileen Rothe

I’m a chaos killer; I love creating systems to keep people organized and focused on what they do best. I look for an inspired solution to every problem and I’m not afraid to get down to work. I’ve unplugged from the matrix twice (prev. public health nurse & document specialist / proposal writer). I think outside the box – coming up with original or unexpected ideas is what I do. I’m a singer/songwriter and I have an EP on iTunes. I was invited to a private audition in NYC for the Spiderman musical on Broadway; that was cool. I heart Vancouver but I’ve left part of my heart in NYC. The most exotic place I’ve traveled to is the jungle of Belize (Central America). I’d like to travel a lot more;
I love in-flight movies. I like to flip through fashion and interior design mags – I’m fascinated with shape and colour, even though I’m partly colour blind. For 3 years I co-produced the CREATIVEMIX ideation conference. I love cheerleading creatives and their endeavours; sans pom poms. My mantra is this: stop getting good at something you don’t want to do. Trust me – been there, done that; suckville.

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