Corwin Hiebert

Image by Jeremy Lim. I just wrote Living the Dream: Putting your creativity to work [and getting paid] – it’s a business and marketing book for creatives. I’m an action man – a real-life G.I. Joe wannabe. I don’t blog. I deliver. I like scheming up new ideas and new solutions, but what really gets me excited is helping creative people grow their businesses. I graduated from college with a passion for cybersociology and economics. Now I’m a Business Development instructor at Vancouver Media Arts Institute (VanArts). I think I spit when I talk. Best-selling author and world-renowned photographer David duChemin is my biggest client; we’ve been working together for 4 years. According to David, I don’t know an F-stop from a bus stop. It’s true. I believe good business decisions, sound management practices, and marketing efforts that elicit curiosity are what drive genuine demand. Digital publishing (eBooks) is a big part of what I do. My latest eBook (Crowd Control) is a Flatbook. Jerry Weintraub inspires me, Seth Godin kicks me in the ass, and Neil Postman reminds me to look at the big picture. I co-founded both CREATIVEMIX and – both are currently being re-engineered. I am okay with change. When I grow up I want a BMW R 1200 GS enduro motorcycle and I want to ride off into the sunset (and back again).

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